Since my last painting Mr. Rooster was so tight and controlled, I found myself wanting to work on a mixed media piece to loosen back up. And Boy did I...the first day I came home and found two big globs of blue paint in my Hair...Crazy!!!!  I have always had a love affair with flags. I remember when Ralph Lauren did the men's sweaters that had a large American Flag on the chest...had to have one..(and I still have it after many years).  He also did them on pillows...still have that also...LOVE!

My son was getting rid of a print of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that he purchased when we were on a trip in Washington D.C. After snatching them from the trash I knew this is what I wanted to do with them.  Other material embedded in the paint are some old presidential stamps that were my grandfathers, print from an old American History Book and some handmade papers.  I also stitched "America" in big bold letter on some handmade paper and was planning on incorporating it into the painting but I'm unsure whether I want to take the painting further because I like it in its current state.  I've had one critique from a friend that said no, don't do it and another friend felt like it would be a great idea.  I'm in between...think I will stare at it for a while and get back to you.