"Art Trays" getting a mini facelift...

I debuted my Art Trays a week ago and it was an all out dash to have them available for Open Studios. Needless to say I wasn't able to spend as much time developing the packaging as I would have like so I had a few issues I needed to work out. The one thing I didn't like was that the symbolic meaning of the imagery was printed on a card that had to be including during checkout.  So...I have put some time into redesigning the tags.  My challenge  was how could I get the information attached to the tray itself.

I took some muslin and stamped the image name with some vintage letter stamp that I have had for about fifteen year.  Using a tag that I picked up at Staples, I added the symbolic definition and then tied them all together resulting in a great gifting presentation.

It was a little more time consuming that I had hoped, but if you know me, that's no surprise.  I think it still needs a few tweaks here and there...but it's real close.

Since right now my studio is open by appointment only, I wanted to let everyone know that you will soon be able to purchase the trays at Art and Light Gallery.  If you are not familiar with this gallery you are in for a real treat!  Teresa Roche, the gallery owner represents some of the best talent in town and can help you with most aspects of your home interior. And as always if I can help or answer any questions, feel free to contact me.