Back In The Studio

Well, we made it back from Americasmart's July Market.  What a Great Experience.  I met so many wonderful people and learned many valuable lessons.

The pallet arrived back at the studio yesterday...unfortunately, my beautiful antique drafting table was completely ruined along with the hutch and one of the cabinets.  Apparently, the warehouse felt the need to move everything off of my oversized pallet and place it on a smaller one and in doing so, used the drafting table as the pallet.  I think next time I would like one of the great big wooden crates on casters that I saw so many of the other exhibitors using.


It always takes a while to get my feet back on the ground after a big push, but I have several things in the works.  Looking forward to loading up the pallet next week...the paint pallet that is...I've had enough of the wooden kind for a while : )!