It's All In The Details

What is it about all those tiny little details that make us happy?  I'm not sure, but I've always loved how the "attention to detail" adds to the overall consumer experience. Trying the Wax Seal on Hang Tags

After trying out different options like custom stickers and wood burning, we have decided to go with a Wax Seal to authenticate our products.  And yes, we love the color orange, so there you have it!

Metal interchangeable Stamps

The interchangeable metal stamps are so easy to work with, less toxic than wood burning and are more permanent than the old stickers currently in use.  We are still working out adding more detail on the hangtags but love the direction with the new Wax Seals.

Products with our new branding are already hitting store shelves and keep you eyes open for even more fine tuning in the weeks to come!

We hope they make you happy!