New Fabric Design...Random Polka

Since I'm a firm believer that a black and white pattern goes with absolutely everything...I have designed a new fabric called "Random Polka". Staying true to the name, I designed the polka dots to be completely random to give a more organic look. I will use the fabric for both pillows and lampshades so I had it printed on a cotton silk blend.  The fabric is the perfect weight for lampshades and for the pillows I will add a lining to make it more opaque and durable.

I have also ordered a fabric printed with the Union Jack flag that should arrive in a few days. The design for this fabric came directly from a painting that I did last year.  If everything goes as planned, I will have these and other design available for the first time at the Open Studio event the first weekend in November.

It will be a crazy next few weeks...but very exciting! Hope to see everyone soon!