Painting Again!

I always find it difficult to get back to painting after a big push for an exhibit or event but I found my way there this week.

Working with acrylic paints I find that I have to keep layering paint to get the effect and colors that I want.  I will sometimes use different mediums to thicken the paint and give texture, but on this painting, I am just using pure acrylic paint.

Hope to finish this one up this week.  I love working with acrylic but once you have your pallet mixed, you only have so many days before the paint will get sticky or start drying up.  I use a Stay-Wet pallet, but even with it, you only have so many days before the paint changes consistency.  Probably for the best, that way I have a little push to complete the painting before moving on to the next work of art : )!


Just wanted to post the finished painting!  Now . . . on to the next one!!