Spring Blooms

As Fall approaches....I'm just finishing up some paintings of springs beautiful blooms. This is a detail of an evergreen clematis bloom that I captured a photograph of in the spring.  I have a couple of the vines growing over an arbor which leads to a flagstone pathway at the side of my house.  Although I love the way the vines mound and create these wonderful blooms in the spring...it is really, really hard to keep trimmed.  It grows like crazy and probably the worst thing about the vines is that they are planted adjacent to a wonder wisteria vine which is a story all it own.  I think they are fighting each other to see which one gets to stay.

Oh well...enough of the negative...lets focus on the beauty.  When the vines bloom in the spring, the entire arbor is covered with these beautiful white blossoms and since I have enjoyed painting the dogwood bloom so much, I thought I would give the clematis a try.  Although I kept getting lost in the painting trying to capture some of the details, I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  I have several more photographs of the blooms and may explore painting them again.