Vintage Doors on Rails

I have had so many people who have visited the studio inquire about the sliding doors that I have hanging between the gallery and kitchen space and they're always disappointed when I tell them that the doors and roller hardware is circa 1891, like these at Historic House Parts. When I started redoing the studio, I knew that I wanted a set of vintage pocket doors but had no idea how hard they would be to locate.  I was lucky enough to find these at the Antique Tobacco Barn in Asheville, NC but only one had the original roller hardware still intact.  The price for both doors was only 65.00 each, so I decided to purchase them because I thought..."how hard can it be to locate a second set of rollers on ebay"...right?.  Well of course I was wrong...but when I finally found them, it was an all out bidding war and I ended up paying more to get the extra set than I did for the two doors and one set of rollers combined...(lets just say hundreds.

Ok...for the good news, I just picked up my May issue of Country Living Magazine and saw the exact same concept done for only $78,00!! Check it out...


The Home of Emily and Michael Knotts is featured along with numerous ideas on giving your home high end design on a low end budget.  It is a must have issue for all of you who want this look but don't want to pay the steep price...or go through the heartache that I did.

Its called "The Bargain Issue" pick it up and let me see what you come up with.