Masking Fluid and Mixed Media

I love this tecnique so much and have found so many applications for it, I thought I would share so that my fellow artist and craftsmen could give it a try.

 Fish ID...Mixed Media on Panel

Fish ID...Mixed Media on Panel

The tecnique involves using a colourless art masking fluid on already painted areas that you want to leave untouched when added additional layers and washes of paint.  

With the piece above, I started with layers of paper and then began adding washes of acrylic paint to the surface. Once I have an area (like in this painting the fish) as I would like them to be in the finished painting, I paint the Masking fluid over everything that I want to remain untouched.  After it dries, I continue on with more layers of acrylic paint.  Once the paint is dry, I use my fingers or a razor blade to remove the masking fluid reveiling the fish.

I love the random edge it can give and if you look close, the linear detail you see is coming from the first layer of paper that made the foundation for this piece.  Sometimes I will do this tecnique a few times before I achieve the results I want.  I also, use sandpaper to remove and create ever more interesting area in the painting. 

On this piece, I went back and added a few detail lines with some black acrylic paint and a liner brush to make the fish more pronounced and give a little more detail.

There are a few brands of masking fluid on the market but I like the Winsor & Newton brand.  Please make sure you purchase the "removable" kind not the "permanent" kind...(yes, I have made that mistake because they do come in identical bottles) be aware of this when purchasing because it is what they say...permanent!

Have fun experimenting and let me know what you come up with!