New Bird Fact Series coming soon!

Since exhibiting at the High Point Market,  I've been back in the studio working on a variety of exciting projects. One of the latest projects that I'm really excited about is my new "Bird Fact Series".

Already possessing a love for painting birds, I wanted to do something a little different this time. So in this new series, along with the bird subject,  I've included various facts about each species that allows me to play with my other love . . . typography!

The painting above, "Little Blue Heron," is one of my favorite pieces in the series so far.  The numbers that you will notice in each painting is the average lifespan of each species.  After doing a little reasearch on each bird, I incorporate the facts that I find most interesting into the painting.

The "Northern Cardinal" is one of my favorite birds and I have the pleasure of hanging out with them on occasion in my back yard.  In this piece, I included many different facts that help create an interesting graphic pattern in the background without taking to much focus off the beautiful bird.

The "Egret" and "American Crow" are two additional paintings in the series and continue with the typography and bird fact details.  

In all of the paintings I used the resist technique, that I discussed in an earlier post, to get the effects I wanted in the background, both on the text and the graphic dots.

I am also really excited to announce that the all of the images above will be available through GreenBox Art + Cultures in the very near future. Greenbox Art + Culture offers exclusive contemporary giclee prints that are printed in the USA. 

Hope everyone is staying cool in this incredibly hot summer.  It's a great time to stay indoors and paint . . . time to get creative!