New Furniture Line . . . High Point Market October 2014

I just returned home from the High Point Market after spending the day working on setup in my booth at The Suites at Market Square.  We started here . . .(notice the large pallet of goods).

Starting Point

Although setup can make for a very long and exhausting day,  I couldn't wait to arrive because our new furniture pieces had been delivered and I had yet to see the finished products.  It was like Christmas as I unwrapped each piece. 

Five of the Benches with our exclusive fabric

The Furniture is crafted in Hickory, North Carolina with our exclusive fabrics by a company with over 60 years in the furniture business.  

Our Exclusive fabric "Midnight Snow".

Artist canvas was used for the upholstery on the side.  I felt like these pieces were little works of art and it seem very fitting that the sides carry that theme also.  The frames are kiln dried with a walnut finish and all of these pieces have a brushed nail head finish.

Our Exclusive fabric "Mini"
Five More Designs

We will be showcasing 10 different designs next Saturday at the High Point Market.  We are located in The Suites at Market Square in Booth M-5034.  Please stop by and say hello and see all the new pieces available for purchase.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please send them our way.

Suites at Market Square M-5034

Oh, and this is how we ended.  Minus a few things that were left of the pallet and small details, we're ready to open this Saturday!  See you soon!