New Work . . . "CoCo"

Meet Coco . . . my latest painting!

My very first dog growing up was this a black Chihuahua mix we named CoCo.  This little guy reminded me of him with his cute little face and gray beard and as always, I'm captured by the eyes.

CoCo was created in the same mixed media style as "Companion".  Using a textured handmade paper, I drew the outline of the dog on the paper and then used an knife to cut the desired shape.  After adhering the paper to the wood panel, I use molding paste to transition the edge of the paper to the panel so the edge is no longer pronounced.  After the paper and paste is dry, I begin the painting process layering several layers of acrylic paint until I achieve the look I want.

I have been extremely busy this year and have several projects underway as I write this.  I'm trying to incorporate more time each day to devote to creating new work.  Being pulled in many different directions each day tends to make it challenging for me to find a rhythm and with the Holidays approaching, I'm sure it will just become even more challenging.  Wish me luck!