New Work . . . Lemon Tonic

I usually work from photographs but occasionally I will work from still life as is the case for my new painting "Lemon Tonic".  

My focus was to remain loose with the paint and focus on color instead of detail.  Although I did dive down into some detail on the lemons, I achieved a more relaxed approach in the background with the play of color and shadow.  I also used a black All Surface Pencil to create a different texture around the lemon shape.  Because this pencil is water soluble, I used my brush to blend some of the line and left other parts organic creating a very interesting visual effect.

I'm very happy with the results and will continue to work on a more expressionistic style as I begin to approach abstract painting soon.  It's so hard to let go of wanting to paint the detail that I see in the image but I do feel that when I can, the paintings see to take on a little more life.