Preliminary Ski/Lodge Pillow Designs

Over the past few weeks I've been working with a company in Canada to conceptualize designs for a new pillow line that would be focused around skiing and the cabin/lodge lifestyle.

The Ski Patrol red cross had to be a part of the lineup and it was the first one completed.  It is a mixed media piece with a topographical map, handmade paper and vintage typography embedded into the piece.


The second was a mountain landscape. This is also a mixed media piece with maps of the West Coast, Aspen mountains, ski information and handmade papers.  I have worked a little more on this piece since this photograph and can't decide if it should be lightened a bit for the pillow fabric.  I May have to print a few different color samples before that decision can be made.

"Schuss" is another design that is still changing a bit but I like the direction it's going.  This design was created using a resist technique and the layering of many different paint colors for interest.  It's the only lumbar design on the board at the moment.

The next one, The Lift, started just as winter trees.  After looking at it for a few days I decided It just wasn't interesting enough so I added the ski lift to the foreground to give more depth and interest.

The last one to date is the deer and the winter trees.  This piece is based on a 18th century cutout design that I loved for it's simplicity. A mixed media piece with various papers embedded into the piece like most of the other designs gives the tress and deer a texture and visual interest.

Over the next few weeks I have a few more designs that I want to work on along with refining the current pieces.   I'm excited to see all the designs printed for the new pillows and I'm also looking at some new fabric choices.  Stayed tuned to see the fabric and watch the design evolve.