Back to work...with "Leonardo"


First week back to work..and the first artwork produced in my new studio...all with my friend "Leo" by my side.  It was really wierd to sit down and stare at a blank canvas...the first time in over 5 months. 

Well, after totally blowing it the first day, I finally found some ryhthm and got back to work.  The first day resulted in a diversion when I recieved a call from friend who brought me a coffee...which led into lunch and a lot of procrastination, but I soon got back to business.  After all, The "West End Festival" is in a few weeks and I am also participating in Greenville's "Open Studio's" this November.  Nothing like a little pressure.



I also took some time to paint some stripes on the doors.  I have always loved stipes in a room and since I had to have hollow core doors, I thought it would make their ugliness go away.


unpacked all of my reference books and arranged them by color...yes, I am a little "OCD"... but aren't they beautiful!! 

This weekend J and I spent some time designing a light fixture for the kitchen that will incorporate some old industrial swing arm lamps.  I don't have any photos because we had to stop... there was a problem with the electrical boxes....but hopefully by next weekend we will have them completed.

Feels good to be back at work but I can't wait to put all the remodeling behind me and only have the art to focus on.  One day soon...I hope.