Installation of the "Orb"

vanity_blog0001 Another weekend spent working on the studio.  Down to finishing details now for the most part (minus the outside...that's a whole other story).  Looking at using this old metal cart that we found in Asheville for the vanity.  The sink I purchased fits really well and it's a  good size for this small bathroom.  I thought that I could either paint it a bright yellow or do something with original art on the surfaces to bring a pattern into the room.


The "orb"  light was installed this weekend also.  I was a little unsure of whether it was on the larger size...a smigen out of proportion...but liking it more every day so I think I will leave it.

Added the drop track lights to some of the tracks and cleaned up the floors to get them ready for move in.  The photo below is of the left front room which I am thinking I will try and lease out to another artist...not sure yet.


The fireplace started getting its makeover and was cleaned, primed and received its first coat of paint.  You can see just beyond the fireplace one of the doors that also received a coat of darker paint..."mushroom by "Martha Stewart".  I think I will also add a large "5"  in different fonts to each of the doors in the house.  Will post later this week when I get them done.


I also will post some side by side  photos of "before and after" when it is all done.  Sometimes I have to reflect back to see what has taken so long and to feel good and how far I have come.

Can't wait to get moved in next week...hoping for temperatures below 90..we'll see how it goes.