"Making Progress"


Spent many, many, many hours at the studio over the past few days.  Caulking, sanding, cleaning, priming and painting.  It was really hard to tell in the begining that we were making any progress...but some second coats of paint went on the walls and we have almost two rooms complete minus some trim and although there is much more to go...it feels good!!

Bright Orange Windows

One thing that I have already changed has been the color of the window trim.  Originally, I had painted them a soft black and felt that the color was to ordinary so I switched it to orange.  Now, two of the windows are much happier than the others.  I would have left them the natural wood color, but they are about 60+ years old and had alot of damage.

Room 3

Room 3...is complete but is still waiting for the orange trim.  Also, some of the original woodwork needs a forth coat.  We had something that kept coming to the surface even after washing, priming and coating three times.  Frustrating, but I will win in the end!


The kitchen is coming along, it has been cleaned, sanded, primed and the ceiling has been painted.  The trim and wall color is still left to be done and the biggest job of all...getting up the old flooring.

Room 1, the living room was the room we spent most of the day.  C'man and I had our job cut out for us in this room.  This room along with the former kitchen were the dirtiest in the whole house.  C'man trimmed and rolled primer while I work ahead of him sanding and cleaning the walls and trim.  What a tremendous help he has been over the past several days.  Who knew that a teenage was capable of such great work. (jk C'man)  Jeff spent his time in three different rooms and had the neck breaking task of priming and painting all the ceilings.  Bad enough on its own but most of the ceiling heights are 10' which makes it a little more challenging.

So...all in all a very productive week.  A big thank you to "Lily"  of Lily Pottery for letting us use her studio for running water,( etc.)    Can't wait...a few more weeks and I should be in.