"Oh What a Beautiful Day..."

blog0001 finally finished the bird house for our local Homes of Hope organization.  Just like everything else in my life...I made a career out of the project...but also along the way, had a TON of fun.  The entire birdhouse is covered with various pieces of paper that consist of letters written during WWII (from my late father-in-law...Norm) and also many pieces from an old typography book.  I have always loved playing with different typography to create texture, interest and shading in my pieces.(visual communications class...it never left me)  The wheels are from a vintage erector set and symbolize that no matter what city, state, or country you move..."There is no place like HOME".


On May 6th, my bird house will join other local artist bird houses and will go to the higest bidders at Embassey Suites "2010 Hope House Dinner & Auction."  Proceeds will benefit Homes of Hope and will provide more affordable housing for low-income families or individuals.  You can contact Tonya McCutchen at tmccutchen@homesofhope.org for more information.