"Organic Food"

ok...this painting was one of those paintings that i started several years ago and stopped because i didn't know quite where i wanted to take it...


unfortunately... i still don't.  it has changed several times since this photo was taken. i removed the black and white stripes  and have also changed the color of the background.  i don't know why it's giving me such a hard time.  if i dont feel a direction pretty soon, i will leave it behind once again.  i did add some Trader Joe's mesh bags for collage material on the fork to bring texture into the painting and also some Golden Light Molding Medium in the background. 

i'm trying just to be away from it for a few days to re-enter the studio with a fresh perspective... although i briefly pop in the studio today...looked at it with squinted eyes...and still nothing.  maybe it was the gloomy, rainy day?...or, maybe not?

oh well, a little more time and maybe one more approach to the canvas before i call it quits and move on.  funny how some works just flow and others halt.  does it always mean that the challenging ones have no merritt, or perseverance will yield a better work of art?? yeah...i know, those questions probably don't have a yes or no answer...but i wish they did!