"Starting to Smell some Roses"

No AC and mid 90 temps.....not a desirable work environment...but we were able to get a few things done bringing my move in date a little closer.  I took a moment to "Smell the Rose" just outside the studio, but at the same time realized that this is just about the only thing of beauty in the landscaping(+ a few beautiful oak trees) that I might want to keep.  OK...focus...one thing at a time...back to the inside. blog_0001_3

Take a look at some of the progress...




Newely refinished floor serve as a stage to the very first piece of art to enter the studio. I love this table and there is a very funny story of how it ended up here (ask Teresa).   The table is available for purchase... contact Teresa at  www.artandlightgallery.com 




We also starting tiling the bathroom this weekend but the tile saw broke and gave us a good excuse to leave and hopefully come back when the HVAC gets repaired.

Although far from finished...it was great to see some of the finishing details come to life.