The Nature Chair

Just wanted to post a few pictures of my latest project...The nature chair.  I just finished hand appliqueing a butterfly/moth to a dark sage green linen.  I also had to machine stitch some of the outlines of the image to secure it to the main fabric.  I debated on whether to do this by hand or machine and the machine won out.  Just to big of a project to do entirely by hand and I wanted to keep it affordable. IMG_butterfly20001



The image will be place on the seat of the chair and a small bug will be upholstered to the back.  The wood was so beautiful with it's hand carved details that I chose to do a minimal face-lift with restore-a-finish and a coat of wax to bring out the natural beauty. Hope to have it finished and available for Open Studios on November 5th.  Love taking a break from I can go back to the canvas refreshed.